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Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 10th! 

President Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day in September to be set aside as National Grandparents Day. Why September? September was chosen to signify the “autumn” years of life. A special day to celebrate our loved ones who connect us to our past! 
Check out these ideas for celebrating at home, long distance, or events happening in Greater Lansing:

♥️ Bake together! A family recipe can be passed down for generations and brings a smile every time it’s made. 

♥️ Visit the Zoo! Potter Park Zoo is offering FREE admission to grandparents. Walk around and chat about your favorite animals!


♥️ Hold a grandparent-grandchild interview (and record it, both of their voices are something you will someday treasure). 

♥️ Pop some popcorn and play a favorite board game or card game together. Checkers, Trouble, Hi Ho! Cherry-O and Mouse Trap are a few classics. Go Fish, Old Maid, War, Slapjack and Uno have been loved for generations and only require a deck of cards! If grandparents aren’t local, you can play via Facetime or Zoom. 

♥️ Celebrate Grandparents Day at Mitten Raised Bakery with Lansing Area Littles, more info can be found HERE

♥️ Have their grandparents share a favorite memory when they were the child’s exact age. Kids will be fascinated how life was so different growing up!

♥️ Go out to lunch, order your favorite meal or dessert to share together!


♥️ Take a hand smash/stack photoBig or small, hands change, a lot! 

♥️ Grandparents not local?  Or if they are, maybe start the day off with a chatFaceTime or Zoom- regardless of their age, grandparents will love this!  

♥️ Write grandma and or grandpa a letter and drop it in the mail!  Near or far, send some snail mail that will surely bring a smile to their face.  

♥️ Have your kids answer some questions about their grandparents! HERE is a printable for your children to personalize!  

The frame here, picked out by her she was much younger was next to his bed. Now it sits on her bedside table. Precious memory and daily reminder of her great grandpa.

♥️ Photo idea. Go to the dollar store and get two frames (or recycle something you have) and let the kids paint a frame or two.   While it is drying….. Print some photos and put them in the frames after the paint is dried – one for the grandparents and another to keep at home.  

♥️ Buy a perennial and plant either with the grandparents or in honor of Grandparents Day and the kids will show them in the spring!  Learn a little bit about the plant and let the kids tell them all about it! 


♥️ ♥️ If Grandparents are no longer with you, light a candle, have a special dinner and share memories and pictures to keep the memories alive. Or visit the cemetery and leave flowers to honor your loved ones.

Have other favorite activities to do with Grandparents? Send us your ideas HERE!

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