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Veronica Alvarez, Lansing Lugnuts Manager. Photo credit: Lansing Lugnuts

Veronica Alvarez is in town.  Why?  Because the Lansing Lugnuts needed a Manager and Alvarez was just the woman for the job.  Not only was she the first woman in the Lansing Lugnuts history to be part of the Lugnuts coaching staff, while she was in town, she picked up her first win as a MLB Manager.  A female MLB manager.  Learn more about this on

GLAMoms just had to meet this trailblazer in sports!  We reached out to the Lansing Lugnuts and they graciously introduced GLAMoms to Veronica!  

We frequent a lot of Lansing Lugnuts games and this week the games have been like no other – especially after the games..  Girls.  Lots of girls of all ages.  They start swarming the steps near the gate behind home plate around the middle of the 8th inning and they line up and wait until the end of the game.  What are they waiting for? They are waiting for autographs – or as some phrase  it – “signatures.” 

They are hoping to get one autograph.  And they are waiting for Veronica Alvarez to step out of the dugout, grab a pen and sign as many balls as there are girls (and boys) who are waiting.

Not only does she sign the ball, she takes time to write a message to those who are in awe and a little starstruck and blowing bubbles while she does so.  Messages like – “Being a girl is the greatest thing EVER!” and “You can be anything you want!” 

Veronica has been with the Oakland Athletics organization since 2019 yet her baseball career began years before.   Alvarez was raised by parents who encouraged her to do what she wanted.  In a culture where female norms were not to play baseball, her parents did not follow the norms nor make way for criticism.  They supported their daughter – whatever she wanted to do – and be.  

We are honored to share a conversation we had with Veronica!  Consider following her on Instagram, she is showing female athletes how to not only open doors but creating opportunities for herself and others as she walks through.  Veronica Alvarez is bringing the world to women in baseball or bringing women’s baseball to the world.  Either way watch out, she is making a mark and encouraging others to join her along the way.  Thanks for joining us Veronica, we truly enjoyed getting to know you a little better!  

Veronica Alvarez, jersey 24, Lansing Lugnuts game, August 20, 2022; Photo credit: Greater Lansing Area Moms

How long have you been playing baseball? I played baseball from 5 years old until I was 32! I was lucky to make the USA Baseball Women’s National Team and extend my career. I also got to travel the world with the team and meet so many amazing people, which is an added benefit.

How long have you been part of the Oakland Athletics organization? I have been with the A’s since 2019. 

Christine’s daughter wants to know how you pick your earrings?  😂 (this may be my favorite question) Pearls are my go to’s – I am Cuban and pearls are a common thing to find on a cuban girl/woman. I started spring training with different earrings this year and it didn’t feel right. I only change it up when I go out and dress up. 

What is your all time favorite stadium (or field) you have ever been in? I really liked Wrigley Field (Cubs) – mostly for the fact that the fans show up and bring a lot of energy.

Something you enjoyed when you were in the Greater Lansing area? I have loved how polite all the children are. Every single one that I’ve signed a ball for has asked with a “please” and ended with a “Thank you”.

What would you tell your childhood self about what you accomplished this week – and other career accolades leading up to this week!  I think little Veronica knew she was capable of all of this and knew she would make it.  

Now a few more This or That questions because they all didn’t fit 😊⚾️❤️

What position did you play? Catcher.  The best athletes on the field 🙃

Iced or Hot Coffee?  I love coffee in all forms. When it’s hot outside I go for cold and when it’s cold outside I go for hot! Sometimes I let my cold coffee get hot and my hot coffee get cold. It’s all very strange but in the end I still drink it. 

Beach or Mountains? This is a sensitive question. I lived 38 years by the ocean and just moved to the mountains. I miss my ocean but have loved the beauty of the mountains and all the activities that come with it. 

Dog – a little more about Biggie Smalls!  He’s a very big loving baby that loves playing fetch! 

Messy or Neat? I want to say neat but I think everyone in my life would roll their eyes on this one. I work at my neatness everyday. 

Morning or Evening? I love all parts of the day. The morning has the sunrise and coffee. The evening has the sunset and family time. 

Library or Museums? Library. 

Breakfast or Dinner? Dinner! 

Country or City? City life – I love being around people. 

Driver or Passenger? The driver. 

Road Trip or Fly? Oooooh. Hmmm. I fly around a lot for baseball so I am very used to it but we used to do lots of road trips with my family when I was a kid and I have such great memories from that. . 

Bus or Fly? Am I with my team? If yes, then definitely bus. 

Sweet Or Salty? Salty! 

What’s your favorite number? 8

Favorite baseball movie? A League of Their Own. 

Who are your role models? My parents. In a culture where little girls are not encouraged to color outside the lines, they supported me in whatever I wanted to do and did not listen to negativity from others. They made me who I am and created an environment that allowed me to grow and thrive. I will forever be grateful. 🥰

Veronica – we have enjoyed this so much!  We appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule!  We look forward to the next time you are in Lansing. You are truly an inspiration and the perfect example that girls can do whatever they want.

After a recent Lansing Lugnuts game, this GLAMkid – a little star struck, waited after the game with the others.


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