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A new brand of basketball is joining the Lansing community!  The Pharaohs are a part of the TBL (The Basketball League) and they are making Lansing their home court.  💜💛🏀

GLAMoms recently chatted with Chris Jackson, owner of the Lansing Pharaohs.  Learn more about Chris’ story, his plans for community engagement, ideas to incorporate the Lansing School district students with each game and some fun things in store for the Greater Lansing area.  

Tell us about Lansing Pharaohs!!!  
I originally hoped that my company would be able to sponsor the entire TBL (The Basketball League). The League was extremely interested in expanding the Michigan market (Detroit and Flint already have teams) and asked if I would be interested. 

I have always had a goal to own a professional team and it seemed the capacity was there to take it on. The Lansing Region is known for its basketball history and the closest thing to a pro team has always been MSU. 

I believe that there is an opportunity for true community engagement and an affordable alternative to traveling to Detroit for Piston’s games here in the state’s capital. We had a ton of support from some key stakeholders when we began having the discussion and decided it would be a good fit for everyone. 

At the end of the day, we have no success without community support – 25% of our players’ contracts are tied to community engagement and we have already committed to appearances and 50-100 tickets per game for the Lansing School District. 

Chris Jackson, owner, Lansing Pharaohs

What’s your background? What led you to what you’re doing now? 
I am from Pontiac, MI and have a background in Project Management and Government Affairs. After a ‘failed’ attempt at public office in my hometown, I transitioned back into Entrepreneurship (a space that I am really comfortable in). 

Did you play basketball?  Coach?  What is your favorite NCAA team?  Professional? 
I did play! I was better at Football but enjoyed the weather in basketball better (it’s always 70 and sunny in the gym!). 

I don’t have a favorite team – More of an analyst of the game then a fan. 

At a professional level I am a Detroit sports fan (outside of the Lansing Pharaohs of course). I have been in Enjoying the East Lansing atmosphere though!

What are you most looking forward to by bringing the Lansing Pharaohs to the area? 
Lansing is a basketball town! From the likes of Magic Johnson to MSU Spartan basketball, basketball is in the fabric of the community. We have access to a built in fan base that wants a professional team to call their own. None of this happens without the greater Lansing community and our goal is to be a part of building on an already rich basketball tradition. 

Where will home games take place?  
Don Johnson Fieldhouse 

Has a schedule been announced?​​
Schedule is out and games begin in March!  Bookmark the schedule found HERE 

Meet and greets will occur during training camp in February. 

Was this delayed because of COVID
No. I took the time to build the right community connections and understand the process of bringing a pro team to the market. I’m thankful we were able to avoid the negatives that came with sports and COVID but it was more about managing our time to put the best product and entertainment on display. 

What are some exciting plans you have for the Pharaohs in 2022? 
We completed 6 tryouts across the state of MI and the Midwest region and we were able to lock in international exhibition games against Canadian teams this upcoming season. 

That is a small sample size of what we have been up to…

What’s your favorite business or two in the Greater Lansing area
The cop out answer would be three of our Official Team Partners, BRD Printing, Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists. and Moneyball Sportswear! 

But I can’t just name two! Delta Dental, Uniform Center of Lansing, 517 Coffee, Walk Worthy Custom Suits, B&B Designs, Chick-Fil-A Lansing, F45 Training East Lansing.…You see where I’m going with this. 🙂

Where would we find Lansing Pharaohs merchandise?  
On our website.  Take a look HERE.  Hoodies, tshirts, hats and more – be game ready.  Local pickup is available for some items!

Is there any sort of promotion you would like to offer GLAMom’s followers?  
Sure! For whomever engages with our social media via any of the channels mentioned and leave us a like, comment, and #GLAMom’s, they will be entered at random for Tip Off Gameday tickets in March along with some merchandise!

Anything else you would like to share with GLAMom’s? 
Without the community, we can’t be successful. We look forward to being a part of the fabric of the Great Lansing community and we hope we have your support!

Instagram: @Lansing.Pharaohs
Facebook: Lansing Pharaohs
LinkedIn: Lansing Pharaohs
Twitter: @LansingPharaohs

Images provided by Chris Jackson

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