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Adam Green, the Founder of UniServices, was selling his plasma twice a week to earn money in college. Despite trying Uber and Grubhub, those options were no better than minimum wage given their high fees and wear and tear on his car plus no on-campus jobs were flexible to meet his rigorous law school schedule.

After posting a few simple Facebook posts, he found a need in the local communities for young college students to help people with a variety of jobs, at affordable rates. Given the flexible nature of these jobs, the company conceptualized in October 2021 into a few more friends who heard about opportunities to make quick money in college.

Adam has found a way to answer just about any question with, “I have just the person to help you out…..”   Learn more about UniServices and how students quickly found a new niche – provide an avenue for the MSU students it employs to gain experience and earn money – all while making an extraordinary impact in the community.


Tell us about UniServices!  
UniServices is a student-led company at MSU that connects college students with local residents to get odd jobs and everyday tasks completed to earn extra money during college! We are building a custom phone and web app so that local residents can easily hire college students anytime they need a task done! Doesn’t matter if residents physically can’t do the task, don’t have the time to do the task, or simply don’t want to do the task, college students are available and ready to help!

What’s your background? What inspired you to bring UniServices to the area? 
I (Adam Green – Founder and CEO) was going to the plasma clinic twice per week to earn extra money for food and to pay for my school books. Since it is almost impossible to hold a good-paying job in college, and since most other flexible options like Uber charge such high commissions on students, we created UniServices to ensure students had more opportunities to support their local communities all the while making extra money.

Students need money during college, our clients understand students and their plights, and it helped bridge the gap between the communities and college those communities surrounded.

Adam Green, winner or the Entrepreneur Association Collegiate Startup challenge at the Global Entrepreneur Awards in Detroit, December 2021

Who do you employ?  How many employees do you have?
We employ college students as 1099 independent contractors, so the students have the absolute authority to set their schedule, pick as many open tasks as they would like to do. Currently, we have 20 students working for UniServices!

What sort of services does UniServices offer?  What does it cost?  Is there a contract or membership? 
There is no contract or membership required. Each job’s price is determined by the client – students then get the opportunity to pick from the available jobs we show to them, and can view the price, type of task, details, etc, and can decide if they want to do the job. On average, clients have paid $20-$25/hr for tasks! 

Do you have a list or some examples of services UniServices offers?
UniServices has students that do just about anything: outside work, dog-walking, pet-sitting, cleaning, organization, cooking, chores, odd-jobs, car detailing, window washing, packing and moving, tech-help, assisting the elderly, assisting the disabled, etc. The list goes on – students quickly found a new niche market that clients were excited to satiate!

To get more information about UniServices, please visit!

Is there a business or business model that served as inspiration?
We have drawn from many sources of inspiration to build or model our in-process app, including Zillow, Uber, Airbnb, and DoorDash!

What do you love about having a business in the Greater Lansing area, Downtown East Lansing, specifically?
What I love about having a business in the Greater Lansing area is that we are close to Michigan State University. The local residents support their college-town and their college. Many are MSU alumni, many are fans. 

Either way, they all have understood and respected the fact that students need help making money in college, and they need help getting their everyday tasks done. This way, we provide a unique connection and a bridge to the gap in the community between residents and college students. This benefits both sides, and it’s impactful to help the community we’ve grown up in and went to college at!

What has been the most challenging part of running your business during COVID, and how did you overcome it (or how are you overcoming it)?
I think in many ways, our company has helped people during COVID. It is hard to find affordable local contractors who want to do the small everyday tasks that we’ve found so popular amongst our clients that they need to get done. Local residents need a quick way to hire helpers who are reliable, affordable, and people they trust and want to support. That description fits college students perfectly! 

In fact, many small businesses have begun using our services since they cannot hire full-time staff due to COVID. Instead, they hire students through UniServices so that we can help them when they need to get work done! Super exciting!

What are some exciting plans you have for the business in 2022?  
We are completing a mobile and web app, we are expanding to multiple new colleges across the state, we are setting up partnerships with many local community groups, we are setting up licensing and

franchising ideas so local people in each college town can help their communities by using UniServices, and we are participating in multiple pitch competitions around the country to attempt to earn more money for the company!

Where do you see UniServices after you graduate MSU?
I see UniServices as a force to be reckoned with all across the country. I see people from all walks of life, all situations in their lives, using UniServices to get their tasks done and to give back to college students. 

We are so thrilled to see how we can help more college students and more residents all across the country.

If you would like to learn more about UniServices:

Use this Blue Cat FORM – It’s the easiest way people can ask for tasks!😊
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