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Last weekend we shared some things to do on and around the Kalamazoo area.  We were reminded of many places we shared while we were researching this – Oberon Day

An annual date we both remember – every March – when it is just a bit chilly to go without a jacket yet the kids insist on wearing shorts – Oberon Day is the yearly reminder summer is just around the corner.

From the displays at Meijer to area restaurants and bars who promise to have on draft – it is a reminder summertime is coming!  We called around and found some that are serving on draft come Monday.

And if you are up for a drive, Indian Run Golf Course share they would have ready also.

Recently we reached out and spoke with Josh Smith at Bell’s Brewery and we feel like we have taken our Oberon knowledge to the next level.  Josh was great.  Helpful, humorous and friendly.  Enjoy!  We mean, cheers! 

We asked a few questions.

Oberon 16 oz cans on the canning line, for Florida and Arizona

How long is the shelf life, we asked this because Christine found one in the back of the garage frig in January.  She wanted to hear his answer but she had already affirmed it was delicious, He informed us:  Every bottle/can/keg of Oberon has a shelf life of 6 months from the day it is packaged (that info is always printed on the side of the packaging, bottom of the can, back label or side wall of the keg). How our beer is stored is a big factor. All of our ales, including Oberon, can be stored at normal room temp. Refrigeration is recommended at the store level to ensure freshness for our customers, but it is not a requirement. At home, if you do not have enough room in the fridge, it is essential to avoid heat and light – natural enemies to all beer. So, closets, dark basements that kind of thing. I use my garage in the winter for instance. So do we Josh, so do we.

He did not share specific sales numbers but did answer the volume of Oberon per season, I would say that as of right now, there will be at least half a million Oberon bottles out in the market in time for or around Oberon Day. In addition to cans and kegs, of course. 

How many employees does Bell’s Brewery employ? Currently, we are hovering right around 500 employees. Most are here in Michigan; our Sales Team is scattered across the 43 states we distribute to. We want to be a part of the communities we sell our beer in, not just ship it there. 

What is your favorite, Josh?  Favorite Oberon product? We’ve seen lots of things that use Oberon as an ingredient. Oberon mimosas are amazing and easy to make. The Oberon inspired donut is also out there from our local Sweetwater’s Donut Mill. Last year, Two Hearted brats debuted, and they are delicious. In addition to those, a new Oberon brat will also debut in March and technically, could be the first Oberon poured this year since the beer is actually used to make them. Both are sold exclusively at Meijer here in Michigan and in other states. 

He did follow up with one important tidbit we wanted to make sure we shared…. One thing I forgot to mention with taste and long term storage concerns the yeast. Oberon should always be cloudy. We don’t filter our ales, and what makes Oberon cloudy (and delicious) is the yeast. Over time those tiny particles can sink to the bottom by gravity. If you come across that, just pour half into a glass, give the bottle or can a gentle swirl and finish that pour. 

Oberon 12 oz, 6 pack cans

Okay Josh, you’re the Oberon-boss, we plan to visit an East Lansing area establishment that is serving our summertime favorite Monday. 

When you grab an Oberon this season, send us a photo!
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Watch the Oberson Wake Up Party, March 22 @1200.
They are kicking off #OberonDay with a very special coast to coast virtual morning show live from the Bells Eccentric Cafe Beer Garden with all-star line-up of special guests and lots of fun surprises!

Cheers, enjoy 🙂


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