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Before Greater Lansing Area Moms was GLAMoms, Julie and Christine worked in the healthcare industry in the Greater Lansing area.  And over the course of more than 2 decades, we were honored to work alongside incredible humans who we are honored to call friends.  And those of you who have healthcare backgrounds can attest, when your job is to work as part of a team caring for others, oftentimes the result is lifelong friendships.

This nurses week, we asked some of our healthcare family the following questions: 

Why is nursing so important?
Why did you go into nursing?
What drives you, nursing speaking, daily?

We were not sure what type of answers – or the tone of the answers we would receive  since there have been so many changes.  Changes both locally and at the national level that include a pandemic, a mass shooting and a worsening nationwide nursing shortage – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.   

And while healthcare has changed so much in just the few years since we both left, one thing has not changed – the commitment nurses have to others.   And nurses are a necessity.  Read on to hear their why.

What has been the driving factor in my practice is Karma.  I treat patients as if they were family, so when a family is in need of good nursing care, they will receive it.  Kinda silly, but that has always driven me.I also believe it is an honor to do what we do.  In some of the most intimate parts of people and families’ lives, we are there.  

Dawn, RN

Everyone always quotes Mr. Rogers in times of trouble, saying to “look for the helpers”. I consider it such a privilege to work among the helpers. 

I have worked with some of the smartest, most compassionate, hard working people I’ve ever met. I’ve seen some of the worst situations that people can go through be met with the incredible grace and courage of a RN willing to do anything it takes to improve the situation of her patients. 

It has been a tremendous honor to be a RN. 

Sarah, RN

Nursing enables me to affect the lives of countless individuals through direct care, advocacy, and education.  It is the understanding of the totality of health and the importance of communities that is the nurse’s best tool to make a difference in people and populations.

Patrick, RN

I wanted to be a nurse when I was five years old but decided on a different path when I went to college. When I re-entered the workforce after being a stay at home mom for 13 years, I decided to pursue my childhood dream. Nursing is a great career for moms because it allows for flexible scheduling and enables us to share our caretaking skills with others. 

Lisa, RN

No matter what area of nursing you’re in,  you have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. 

Vickie, RN

Nursing is important because we are the last line of defense between errors and the patient. We are trained to use our judgment, be the voice of our patients, and speak up when there is a potential problem. We are important because we provide holistic care for both patients and families. 

I went into nursing because of my love of both medicine and the patient. I get to provide emotional and physical unbiased care to the patient and family. 

What drives me every day is protecting patient safety. Advocating for safe nurse to patient ratios and holding healthcare systems accountable when this doesn’t happen. Putting the patient above everything is #1. We love our patients and will do anything for them!  

Sam, RN

Advocacy is what motivates me. I feel like it’s a honor and privilege to advocate for a person or family during what could be one of the hardest times in their life.

Whitney, RN

The privilege to influence a patient and their families life in their most vulnerable time. 

Ashley, RN

Thank you!  And the privilege has been ours both personally and professionally!   They take a call when we have a question, without hesitation give the injured a once over at the ball field (or via text) and who have become people we now consider family.  

This week, and every single day, we appreciate your commitment to your patients, the community and those around you. 

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