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This week we do not have a Meet a Mom to share with you.   Just as many others – we are still sitting somewhere between numb and exhausted and feeling so many emotions.

Instead of sharing a mom this week, we are asking for some mom-like help.  But first, a little bit more about the idea before the ask…

This past week we have met some incredible human beings full of hope and light and promise.  And many with a lot of determination and grit.  We hope to share some with you in the coming weeks, but right now, we are offering an idea inspired by Maya Manuel, the MSU student who orchestrated the Enough is Enough Sit Down on the Capitol steps less than 48 hours after the shooting at Michigan State. 

Maya reminded us that so many Michigan State students are not local.  And those kids have not seen – or felt –  their mom, dad, or parental-figure-grown-up since this nightmare began.  She suggested, “Please come out (tomorrow) and offer your love to us. So many students haven’t been able to hug their mamas. I miss mine so much, I just want to see her.

Well Maya, we did just that.  

We made some signs and someone made some sweatshirts and then we wandered around campus.   Stopped by Sparty, then walked to the Rock, and also down Grand River – it was very much like a weekend family visit to campus, yet this week, our intent was much different.  

We shared smiles and pats on the back and some little lean ins and big hugs – some turned around and returned for more.  There were moms walking around who offered us a squeeze too.  

We talked to professors, little kids who were chalking the sidewalks, dog handlers from around the United States, students, community members and so much more. 

We also spoke with students who did not feel #spartanstrong and we encouraged them to use many of the resources that are available.  We also asked if they would think about this –  until they feel #spartanstrong – they consider allowing the community both on and off campus, near and far – to lend some strength and to lean into them for as long as they needed.  

Now this is part about where we need help!

It is not an organized, formal event. If you are able, please consider visiting campus and talk to some students. You pick the time.  There are 50,000 MSU students and chances are some are always out walking around.  

Just be present and while you are there, offer up a hug, or not.  That is up to you and them.  Chat with them if they would like to talk.  And if they are not ready, they will feel your presence and support. That may be just what they need in that instant.  

We do not know where we will direct our energy and help promote action – and until we figure it out – we have mom hugs.  

As a student, years ago, neither Julie nor myself could imagine our moms not nearby.  And now as parents, “it takes a village” has never made more sense.   These kids are the babies of other moms.  Our kids are not this age…yet!

MSU – if you need moms, we will get moms there to help!  

Thanks moms, and as one MSU student said today, “MOMS ROCK…”  Nah, we are just doing what moms do… lovin’ on kids!  


A special, heartfelt thank you to Ella Signs, 2021 Michigan State Graduate who assisted with the creation of this graphic along with many other versions.  Who would like to see this incredible Mom Hugs Here graphic on something? YES?  Message us HERE.

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