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Please introduce yourself & your family, where you live.
Hi! I’m Miranda and I live with my husband Dan, and our two sweet daughters Ella and MJ in Lansing. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit but after graduating from CMU(fire up chips) I relocated to the greater Lansing area. I’ve been a member of the local community since 2008.

Tell us about your business and what you offer for families. Also how did you get started in this?
I am preparing to launch my own blog and small business in January. My goals are to begin with publishing blog content, offering child friendly activities, downloadable development and parenting guides, with the ultimate goal of offering individualized parenting strategy, planning, and coaching sessions. Stay tuned for the blog launch and follow me @earlyinterventionmama on Instagram and Facebook.

I have a dual degree in Child Development and English. Putting the child development and parent coaching background into “print” has been a goal of mine since journeying into motherhood. I’ve worked professionally as a parent coach in early intervention services for a school district since 2010. Prior to that I worked in Early Head Start as a Home Visitor and Early Childhood Specialist, in private preschool and childcare, and volunteered with young children in a number of settings.

Ever since becoming a Mom in 2018 I’ve had a desire to reach more parents and provide support and education related to motherhood, parenthood, child development, and raising young children. In the birth to three professional community there are many programs, even locally, that support parents with young children. Unfortunately, I have found there to be a gap where many parents are interested in receiving support but do not meet the criteria for these programs.

Parents are savvy these days, they want current research based information and are looking to judgement free professionals instead of friends and family. With the increasing research on the impact of brain development in the early years as it relates to stress, my hope is to be able to fill this gap and offer support, both generalized and specific, downloadable or consultative, to parents looking to raise the next generation with confidence.

What is your best advice to parents in the midst of covid 19 to make life a little easier?
Your most important job as a parent is to offer predictable, consistent, and responsive parenting (not to afford the most toys, not to sign them up for the best 15 virtual events, not to ensure they have 0hours screen time, and certainly not to cook gourmet meals daily). Predictable, consistent, and responsive parenting.

In order to do this, set boundaries and routines and stick with them. So many of our power struggles, night time sleep issues, behavior problems, parent stress in my own house have been solved by working to set routines and boundaries for both my husband and I to stand by when we parent.

And most importantly- parent during the day, and laugh about it by night! Appreciate the humor of the stressful moments when you look back on your day.

How do you juggle work with being a mom?
My husband and I partner in almost every aspect of running our household. I married a good one! I also have had amazing luck with care and support for our girls. My oldest child was in a home childcare center with a wonderful woman up until the pandemic- we knew she was loved, happy, safe, and well cared for whenever we dropped her off. Since March, my own Mom has been caring for my girls in our home- live in grandma childcare is amazing. So finding the right people to take care of your own children is so important. My focus is on my family and enjoying this lifetime, so I remind myself work is just a vehicle to keep that focus afloat.

Favorite things about this area: restaurants, shops, place to visit, area park, etc
My favorite restaurants include Saddle Back BBQ in Lansing, Thai Princess in Okemos, Tavern 109 in Williamston, the Vault Delicatessen in Mason, Shove It Pizza Food Truck, and so many more. If it wasn’t for Covid, you’d find me perusing all the shops in Old Town and Reo town. Lansing has so much to offer if you know where to look.


*Miranda was initially featured on both Instagram and Facebook as the East Lansing Area Moms, Meet a Mom on December 20.  Her entire interview was shared once this East Lansing Area Moms website was launched.

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