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A recent social media post from the East Lansing Area Moms included a local mom, Kelsey Padgett, a Pixie Travel, travel planner. Now that this website is up and running, here is Kelsey’s story.

Kelsey is a travel planner and she enjoys it. She focuses on Disney based vacations and knows the destinations well. Read on to find out the entire conversation we had earlier in December 2020.

How many kids do you have and what are their ages? What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
Hi! My name is Kelsey, mom of 4 originally from Saginaw, MI. I moved with my husband, Justin to the Lansing area after our second child was born. We moved from the Detroit area where I left my job as an elementary teacher. Since moving to the Lansing area a lot of life has happened including starting a blog, earning my Master’s of Teaching and Curriculum, becoming a travel planner, and adding two more little ones to our family. I love the Lansing area; the families and the community is one of a kind.

I always dreamed of becoming a mom to four kids; here I am with just that! Emersyn, Lincoln, London and Boston – almost 7 years exactly between the first and the last.

What do you love about living in the East Lansing area? What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to shop in the East Lansing area?
We love East Lansing! I love living so close to a college campus, getting ice cream at MSU Dairy and walking around campus is one of our best-loved activities. We have so many favorite places to eat but some of our favorites are Black Cat Bistro, Buddies Pub & Grill and Cask and Co. My daughter dances at Spartan Dance Center and loves it!

Tell us a little about Pixie Travel? And how many times have you made it to Disney?
I became a travel planner with Pixie Travel in 2019. After going to Disney World with my family growing up, then taking my own children many times, I decided that I wanted to help others plan their magical vacations. I now can plan basically any and everything! I can help book your tropical, all-inclusive vacation, Universal Vacation, any and every type of Disney vacation including ticket only and cruises, all cruise lines, LEGOLAND, SEA World, home rentals, any hotel stays – just tell me your vacation wishes and I will work hard to make them come true!

Pixie Travel is a service for all your travel needs. Travel planning can be overwhelming so using a travel planning can take the stress of planning away, leaving the fun of the vacation. My services are always complementary.

Disney vacations are one of my most booked travels for families booking with me; I help with all tips and tricks every step of the way. I will take care of booking dining and any other things my clients need.

What’s the best thing about your job? So far, what do you enjoy the most about assisting others with travel plans?
The best part about being a travel planner is working with families to create a vacation that fits them. I love helping and giving my clients advice, tips, tricks and making all plans keeping the stress of researching and planning less.

How do you juggle work with being a mom?
Some days it’s super hard to work with all 4 kids here, but it gets done somehow. I tend to get a lot of work done when my one-year-old takes naps. I use screen time and the tv to get some work done that is timely. Honestly my kids are pretty used to me working from home, so they are respectful when I am on a call or need to get something accomplished. My husband is also a huge help, especially now that he is working from home. We make a pretty good team.

What’s your advice to moms in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis to make life a little easier? How has your job changed during COVID-19?
Try to see the silver lining in the situation. Take time every day for you, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Lean on your support system. Get outside every day. Play music that makes your heart happy. Allow yourself to grieve whatever it is you are missing. Reach out to family and friends – plan video chat dates, porch visits, drive-bys.

My job has changed a lot during COVID; the world changed right before spring break and has continued through the holidays, so many of my clients have had to put their vacations on hold. I have however spent this time learning more about more destinations.

Now a couple of fun ones. What is something you wish was in the East Lansing area? 
I of course would love to have a Trader Joe’s in East Lansing, but some other things would be an indoor waterpark and more peanut/tree nut free bakeries.

Can’t live without skincare or makeup products?
I am the wrong person to ask about beauty products for myself. I do love a good epsom salt bath with a glass of wine. I also am a huge fan of going to the chiropractor.

Last book you read?
The Boxcar Children? Junie B. Jones? I haven’t read a book for myself in a long time!

Current binge shows?
My current binge shows are Virgin River and Schitt’s Creek. I also am a diehard Grey’s Anatomy fan.

Strangest thing in your purse right now?
Letters to Santa from my kids that I need to put in their memory boxes.

Outings look a little different these days, what fun places did your wheels take you?
We love adventures! We of course love to travel and have done so both by plane and long car trips. Around the Lansing area we love to visit Launch Trampoline Park and all of the nature parks.

Best piece of advice to someone starting out as a travel planner?
My best piece of advice when starting out in my type of business as a travel planner is reach out to anyone and everyone. Keep reminding people of what you do and how your services work. Make sure to tell them the current deals and don’t be afraid to reach out telling your family and friends of the services and ask them to share with others.

Last question. What is something you might have liked to know but didn’t, with your first child and now is a reflex in your mom toolbox/bag of tricks?
I have learned so much in my 8 years of motherhood, but I wish I would’ve known that saying no and putting your family as a priority is okay. You can’t make it to everything, especially when you have little ones. Don’t try to please others if it is not ideal for your family.
Also, don’t buy socks; use Zutano booties!

During pregnancy I was very sick with all 4 kids, I wish I would’ve known about the chiropractor and how much it helps. I went with my last 2 babies weekly and it made it a little more bearable.

Kelsey is fantastic, keep her in mind when you plan your next trip.

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