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For this weeks Meet a Mom we are lucky enough to have TWO lovely, local moms! Best friends (thanks to their husbands!) – Becca and Kait brought a positive out of the pandemic that is now bringing joy to many homes and events. Sparrow Bloom Co. was created in ONE special evening after not being able to see each other last spring. They now have a blooming local floral business offering weekly flower subscriptions and create custom orders for any special event.

All of their designing magic occurs around their kitchen tables in the middle of their busy, everyday lives. And how great would it be to receive a beautiful, weekly flower arrangement this summer- ELAMoms will definitely be signing up for this weekly bit of joy! Subscribe to their newsletter HERE for upcoming special announcements, discounts and spring & summer subscriptions!

Welcome, Becca and Kait!

Hi Becca and Kait! Please introduce yourselves-
We’re best friends, Becca + Kait, who have combined our love of floral design and gardening to bring more flowers and joy to the mid-Michigan area. All year long we create custom orders, style various special events, and design wedding florals. In the summer, we put our beloved urban garden to use – we grow as many flowers as we can in under 300 square feet to offer weekly flower subscriptions.

Where are you both from and how long have you lived in the Greater Lansing area?
Becca has moved all over the Midwest, but recently moved to East Lansing and has lived in the Greater Lansing area for almost three years.
Kait is originally from the westside of the state, but has called Lansing home for seven years.

Becca’s son, Blake & beautiful bride, Janie–with a lovely Sparrow Bloom arrangement

You’re both moms! Tell us how many kids you have and what are their ages? 
Becca’s oldest son is recently married and graduating college this spring. One of her daughters is a freshman in college and the other is finishing up her junior year in high school.

Kait’s blended family has three kids ranging from an almost teenage son, an almost middle schooler, and a kindergartner.



Best advice you have received from another mom?
Trust your gut. You’ll figure out what works for you and make mistakes along the way. Your kids are going to be ok. When in doubt choose love.


You’re best friends! Tell us about this fabulous friendship!
Actually, our husbands were best friends first. They’re two hilarious men who brought us together and we’ll forever be grateful. We met thirteen years ago and the rest is history. In some ways we’re complete opposites, but compliment each other and our friendship is effortless. We’re so grateful after living states apart for almost ten years that we get to live in the same city.

What are your go-to restaurants and shops in the Greater Lansing area?
Wellllllll we like food! Our favorite place to eat is Kait’s house. Or we like take out from Zaytoon, Sushi Moto, Crack Chicken, Taste of Thai. We like it all! 

You started Sparrow Bloom Co. together! Please tell us about your business and how it has evolved. Give us ALL the details 🙂
We love flowers. It’s that simple. Flowers are a universal language, along with kindness and empathy. They have a way of bringing people together.

We want to bring more kindness and joy to the world, a world that seems like it needs it now more than ever.

Last year, after being apart for over a month because of Covid and the executive order, this wild dream was born on our first night back together. Within an hour we had a name, a logo, social media, and branding. It all fell into place like magic. What a gift to do what you love, with someone you love, around people you love.

You can read more about how we started our business in the middle of the pandemic on our website!

How has your business persevered through the challenges of COVID? What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

We actually started our business in the middle of the pandemic, so it’s been something beautiful to come from it, but has also had its own challenges. We are looking forward to being able to do more events and weddings this year!

One thing people would be surprised to know about each of you…

Fun fact: not only are our husbands best friends they also work together!

Now some fun ones!

Current binge shows-

Becca – Gilmore Girls (again!)

Kait – Marriage or Mortgage

Together – Bridgerton

Who is the neat freak and who is the messy one of the friendship?
We’re both a little bit of both! Becca’s house is cleaner. She likes cleaning and it’s easier to keep up with because she has older kids. Kait likes to organize things, but her house is hard to keep up since there are tiny mess makers.

Who is always on time and who is always a little late?
Becca is late and Kait is on time.

Favorite flower of each of you to work with?
Becca’s favorites are daffodils or tulips.
Kait’s change seasonally, but right now are hellebore, dahlias, and zinnias.

Favorite place to visit in Michigan?
Becca’s favorite place to vacation with her family is Glen Arbor and Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Kait loves to visit anywhere that’s quiet along lake Michigan.

Best advice for someone thinking of starting a flower garden this Spring?
If you are wanting to start a garden this summer the best advice we have is just to start! Grab some really hardy seeds and read the packets. Go to Van Atta’s to get some plants and ask questions. Start small and gain some confidence. The payoff is always worth it! 

Last one! Who in your life was the greatest inspiration for what you’re doing today?
Our families! We want to show our kids that they can follow their dreams, work hard, have fun, and not only build a business, but an inclusive community that spreads kindness.

If people would like to get in touch with your business, what is the best way?
Newsletter Be on the lookout for our spring collection and summer subscriptions coming soon! If you sign up for the mailing list on our website to get announcements and discounts.

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