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GLAMoms 💚 Mondays! We are honored to spotlight a mom, her story, her family and share with you! This week we have another amazing, local mom who has also become a friend,  Samatha Corbit. Sam is a busy #girlmom as well as the owner of Yoga Connect- Haslett.  

We met Samantha when GLAMoms hosted a yoga class at Yoga Connect- Haslett and quickly realized what a bright light she is to our community!  She gives much of herself to others, is patient, kind and hilarious. And the moment you walk into the beautiful studio, you will feel welcomed!

Welcome to GLAMoms, Samantha! We are so glad you are here!

Hello!  Please introduce yourself!

Hi! My name is Samantha. My family and I currently reside in Haslett, which happens to be my hometown too 🤍 

How old are your kids?  

My babies are 4, 2 and our newest edition is 4 months old! My step daughter is 15 – we have our hands and hearts full!! 

What do you think is one of the best parts about being a mom so far? 

Best part of being a momma is being able to be present for all the different stages they go through. 

What is a piece of advice for new moms you wish you would have known when you were a new mom?

Nothing lasts forever, it truly does go by quick. Be present and don’t forget to smile 😊 

You own Yoga Connect Haslett! Tell us how you became involved in teaching yoga?

I took teacher training while I was in college as a Senior at Michigan State University. I took training just to learn more about yoga and deepen my knowledge – no intention to ever teach a yoga class. Shortly after training was over I found myself getting way out of my comfort zone and dipped my toe into teaching and subbing classes.

A year or so after college my former business partner proposed the idea of opening a yoga studio in my hometown of Haslett. I was still working in the service industry at the time and was looking to get out, and thought why not?! It turned out to be an amazing experience of self growth and building up a supportive yoga community! Covid hit us hard like many, however it did bring the opportunity to own the studio on my own and go through a rebranding process. I was very grateful to have my new partner, Maggie Olds, during the whole process – especially becoming a new mom for the second time throughout the whole thing! I am very grateful for Yoga Connect and the ability to do something I LOVE everyday!

Photo credit: Andi Bennett @andibphoto

If someone has never done yoga before, what class do you recommend starting with? 

Yoga Connect offers a basics class on Thursdays at 5:30pm (starting in late September/early October) that will give new students a great foundation the poses, a look at the 8 limbs of yoga and what to expect in a typical Yoga Connect class. 

Foundation Flow – Our foundational practice where each class will be similar, familiar, and yet challenges you to explore your practice in a slightly different way each week. Surya Namaskara A & B will be taught followed by a guided series of foundational poses. Embodiment of the physical and more subtle elements of yoga will be emphasized. 

  • We offer this every Wednesday at 4:30pm and Thursday at 10am!

Slow Burn – An intentional practice with a deep focus on establishing the breath + posture. The birth of rhythm & gentle flowing movements, passive and supportive poses, but allowing for a challenging space based on your practice level. Expect longer holds & props to encourage full body engagement. 

  • Offered multiple times a week at the studio, evening and daytime! 

What are some health benefits yoga provides?

Physically you will notice benefits in strength, balance, mobility and flexibility. Yoga protects your spine, betters your bone health & prevents cartilage and joint breakdown. Mentally it will help you focus, relax your system, increase self awareness, and find a connection to your true self. 

Yoga makes you happier 💗

If someone is interested in becoming a yoga instructor, what would be the first step?

Send us an email at [email protected]!

Our 200h hour teacher training fall session begins this September! We run another training in the spring as well beginning in February!

If you are already a certified teacher and are looking for the next journey we do offer a 300 hour program that begins in October. 

Photo credit: Andi Bennett @andibphoto

How is yoga beneficial to kids? Do you offer kids classes?

Yoga for kids is AMAZING. It offers a wide range of benefits, including teaching self-control, emotional regulation, reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus and attention span, and developing fine and gross motor skills. Additionally, it helps build strength and flexibility, among many other advantages.

At our classes, we understand the importance of parental involvement, which is why we invite parents to participate and bond with their children. We are committed to offering yoga for kids across all age groups, recognizing that this practice can be a valuable foundation for a lifetime of physical and emotional well-being.

Mama & Baby Buddha Yoga – postpartum yoga & community connection class for ages 6 weeks – walkers. Every Thursday at 10:30am

Little Yogi & Me – Parent/Child yoga class for ages 2-7 years old. Every Wednesday at 5pm

Kids Yoga & Yogi Aerial – offerings for ages 7 years and up! These classes are offered pop up style and during holiday breaks! Be sure to follow our social media and newsletter for when these are offered ! 

How do you balance being a mom and a small business owner?

I don’t 🤪😅 in reality I have to make time either early morning, or late night to get computer work done, or during down time. In the past I have brought my babies along during training and they will tag along with me as we clean or restock the studio. I’m ok with having them see the hard work, but then also make the time to have fun & play too!

What are you looking forward to the remainder of 2023?

Getting out of our newborn fog & into a solid routine for our “new” family! Lots of great workshops & upcoming trainings at the studio too!! 

Photo credit: Andi Bennett @andibphoto

Here are a couple questions to get to know you better 😊

Favorite type of yoga class to teach? Ashtanga or Hot vinyasa

Favorite yoga pose? Currently —  camel, bridge, full wheel. Really any backend! They feel very freeing in my current postpartum body.

Last book you read? For fun- Never, Never by Colleen Hoover. For life – The Tree of Yoga by BKS Iyengar. At our Lansing studio, every Thursday morning over zoom we host a book club with philosophy discussion! Message me if you’re interested!

What kind of music do you listen to? It’s a WIDE variety at our house. I’m in my mama era 💃🏽 ranging from Disney Princess 👑 to Taylor Swift, or my favorite yoga music – Trevor Hall. 

If you watch television, what is your favorite show?  I don’t get to watch a lot of tv but I do love a good Netflix binge of love is blind or survivor is another favorite!

The children’s book you most enjoy reading? “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” And another of our favorites is “I am”, a board book with positive affirmations.

Where are some of your favorite places you enjoy spending time with your family?  MSU sports are big for us!  We love to take the girls to the farmers market in Meridian Township and local festivals during the summer.  We are regulars at Goldfish Swim School in Okemos and GymKind too!! For dinner we try to eat at home when we can, but are really looking forward to the new sushi restaurant coming to Okemos! The girls love Playa Bowls too 🍓🫐🍉🥥

What do you think the Greater Lansing area needs more of? I would love a mom cafe! Including a place for babies and younger kids to play, while parents can work or connect with others. Coffee, smoothies, healthy snacks. 

How do you prefer readers to connect with you if they would like more information? 

Message me on Instagram!! Or email me at [email protected]

And I have something for GLAMoms! 15% off any membership – use code “GLAM” at checkout. Or drop in for Mama & Baby Buddha yoga for $10 – use code “selflove”

It is good through March 2024!

Thank you so much for sharing, Samantha. We loved learning more about you, how you balance motherhood and owning a small business- all with grace and a smile!  

We hope you take advantage of these awesome offers that Samantha and Yoga Connect have offered- a perfect way to try a few different styles of classes out!

A note from Julie: Thank you for having such a welcoming space at Yoga Connect-Haslett, Sam.  Yoga is now a huge part of my life because of the class we hosted at your studio!  Thank you for believing in me and making me realize I was capable of any class level. I look forward to each and every class and miss it when I can’t make it.  I value our friendship and time in the studio together!

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