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One reason we love Mondays is because we get to share incredible moms with you.  Some moms are local, some are not, some moms are from connections we have made and others are shared with us to share with you by The Local Moms Network.  We have made some incredible introductions and afforded some unbelievable opportunities.  This week is no different.  We are honored to share Renée Marie Titus who plays La Chocolat in Moulin Rouge! The Musical.  

Renée has been with Moulin Rouge! The Musical for about a month and we are thrilled to be her first interview about playing La Chocolat.  She could not have been more gracious.  She is lovely and passionate about her craft and we cannot wait to see her perform!

Renée and her husband have an adorable 3 year old son and when she is not traveling with Moulin Rouge! The Musical, lives in New York.  Read on and learn more about Renée, how she moms from the road, how her village is making it all work and so much more!  

Moulin Rouge! The Musical will be at Wharton Center from April 2 – April 14 and if you are interested in tickets, visit for more information.

Welcome to Greater Lansing Area Moms Renée!

How long have you been with Moulin Rouge! The Musical?

One month. I just started and it has been a fun ride so far!

When did you audition for Moulin Rouge! The Musical?

January and then a call back a week after.  I found out I got the part a few days after the call back. 

What did you do to celebrate when you learned you were cast as La Chocolat?

I was with my husband and son when my agent called and I think I had a bottle of Prosecco in the frig and we popped it open!

La Chocolat is one of four Lady M’s. What do the Lady M’s represent?

The Lady M’s are the representation of the world itself.  They are the heartbeat of the show.  You’ll see them in and out of scenes throughout the show, interacting with patrons, Zidler, Christian etc.  They are the personification of the Moulin Rouge.

Is there something that you feel you have in common with La Chocolat?

I do think that her persona is being the mother of the group. She handles the money and puts everyone in their place. La Chocolat is kind of Zidler’s right hand woman.
In my life as a mother and wife, I feel like I’m the one who handles business. So we definitely have that in common.

What is your favorite number in Moulin Rouge! The Musical?

So far, my favorite number is Chandelier

What should theatre goers expect to take away from Moulin Rouge! The Musical? 

They should be prepared to be astonished!  The production is one of the best I have ever seen.  It is just so spectacular.  You are going to be entertained.  You are going to be moved.  It is a very moving love story.  We see tears every night from our patrons.  The choreography is stunning.  So be prepared to be blown away by the choreography.   Prepared to be astonished by the set, the costumes.  The costumes are absolutely gorgeous.  The entire show is like a spectacle.  

Be prepared to be blown away.  That is all I can say 😊

Speaking of costumes, how many wardrobe/costume changes are there in this production?

Personally I have quick changes in and out of the same costumes and I have 3-4.  The ensemble has many more wardrobe changes. Satine does as well. And everything is just so stunning!

Having a hard time imagining changing so quickly, how?  Or rather, how does this happen?

We have these things called gondolas set up back stage and we have the most amazing dressers.  We speed off stage, head to our section and they help us in and out of what costumes we need to be in.  We all make it work.

When preparing to speak with you today, I questioned my kids and asked what they thought about how actors change quickly during performances.  An idea was shared about it being similar to a Nascar race and you must have your own pit crew.  This made me laugh!

This is the perfect comparison.  It really does feel like that.

What led you to pursue a career in broadway?

My story is so different which is so great because I feel like in musical theatre everyone has a different story.  I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean and I have been singing and acting my entire life. There were not any musical theatre programs or access to musical theater there.  

I came to New York for college and was studying something completely different and I took a music class.   Music is my passion and my (music) professor was an opera singer and she introduced me to the world of musical theatre.  She thought it was something I would be amazing at and she took me under her wing. I studied with her for years before I decided to pursue musical theatre.  Then I started auditioning and the rest is history. 

Are you still in touch with your professor?

I am.  Professor Hatchett at John Jay College in New York. 

Broadway performers are multi-talented and often as an actor, singer and dancer, is there one you love more than the others?

That is hard because I consider myself more of a singer actor but I really love acting.   

Is this your first visit to Wharton Center and Greater Lansing?

Yes, my first time.

Is there anything you seek out or look forward to at each stop of the tour?   

Yes!  We try to research the cities and see what there is to do locally before we set up.  We always want to be doing something and it is nice to find things to do or you will be bored waiting for the show each night.   

My husband and son are trying to come out every month or so and they will not be joining me in East Lansing because they just sent me off last week when we were in Florida.  

What do you travel with that makes it more like home?

I have pictures of my family with me!  I have a speaker for music and some books!

Have you planned anything for your stop in Greater Lansing?

I have not and will take any and all recommendations!

We think you should definitely check out to learn more about fun, activities and more around the Greater Lansing area 😊💚


Have you been on Broadway?

No, I have not.  Not yet.

Is on Broadway a goal?

It is a goal.  I am not sure if it is top priority, I just love performing and want to do good theatre!

This show, Moulin Rouge! The Musical, is the Broadway show.  It is the exact same show they do on the Broadway stage.  We would love to all be on Broadway and some people say it is the pinnacle of our career but honestly doing the show that is on Broadway and being able to work as an actor and singer and dancer is great.  I am proud of that.

Thank you for this explanation!  Since Touring Broadway shows deliver the same show and making Broadway caliber performances locally accessible with nationwide availability. While bringing shows like Moulin Rouge! The Musical to our back door.  Would you agree that taking Broadway shows on the road is just as highly regarded as being on Broadway?

Yes, absolutely!

Let’s hear a little bit more about your family!  How old is your son?  

He’s 3 and he is at home with my husband in Long Island.

How are you staying connected with them?

We are staying connected with FaceTime FaceTime FaceTime every hour of every day.

So far, what has been your favorite or most enjoyed part about being a mom?

Oh wow!  I gotta say, seeing his personality that he is now has been such a joy!  As a baby they are around but my favorite part is when they start to talk and have opinions and communicate.

Favorite toy?  

He is currently obsessed with the Mario Bros.  He has action figures and is all things Mario Bros.!

Favorite book? 

I have been reading to him before bed and right now we are really into Llama Llama Red Pajama.  He really loves it!

This is a new change for your family.  How has your husband been doing with you being away?

Bless my husband.  He’s been holding down the fort and been doing so well!   His mom is a retired teacher and lives in a town over and she helps a lot.  My mom helps on the weekends.  We are really lucky we have a lot of help, especially from our moms. 

Is he in the same industry?

No, he works in healthcare.

When will you see your family again?

In 2 weeks.  I will see them in Greensborough.  

Is there anything else you would like to share with Greater Lansing Area Moms? 

La Chocolat, she is part of the Lady M’s and we are like the introduction into the Moulin Rouge World.  We start the show and we let you know what you are in for, and welcome you to the Rouge.  They are the heart of the show and it really has been great not only to be welcomed into the Lady M’s with so much warmth and love but to be welcomed into this cast and this role in particular.  It has been a joy and a dream.  


While we assume the process of traveling, learning new venues, being away from family and constantly adapting to new environments must be at times challenging. We are so grateful for Touring Broadway shows and the accessibility it delivers locally.   

Renée thank you so much for joining us this week as our Greater Lansing Area Moms Meet a Mom!  

We both were #boymoms first. It is so, so incredible. And while ours are teenagers, we vividly remember when they were 3 years old!  It is a bit cliché, yet truthful, time flies and enjoy!  He is going to have such amazing stories to share about his mom, how she pursued her dreams and how his parents and grandparents made it all a reality!  

Before you travel south and reunite with your family again, we hope you enjoy your visit to Greater Lansing and look forward to watching you perform at Wharton Center!

Lastly, we would like to thank Wharton Center and Bob Hoffman for facilitating this conversation with Reneè.  We appreciate the opportunities you provide for Greater Lansing Area Moms!

Photos provided by Renée Marie Titus


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