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Linda Fruits has amassed an Instagram following of over 300,000 moms who love her relatable, humorous and insightful mom content. Among those followers? Celeb moms like Jessica Alba and Alanis Morissette. She’s been featured everywhere from to Parents magazine, which published her essay about coming out as a mom of two (Elliot, 5, and Owen, 3).

For this week’s Meet a Mom interview, Linda talks about her social media and motherhood journeys, as well as the unusual way she’s growing her family with her ex-husband.

Why did you launch the Fruits of Motherhood blog?

I started The Fruits of Motherhood because I felt like there was a lack of representation for “just average” moms. You know, not the bento-box-Pinterest-worthy-lifestyle I had grown so accustomed to seeing on Instagram. I wanted to be the voice for moms who were not afraid to talk about their struggles as mothers, but who also obviously loved their children. FOM can be best described as the sweet, bitter and bittersweet fruits of motherhood.

You are growing your family with your partner Maddy, with the help of your ex. Can you please share a bit about that unusual scenario? And what the conversations were like to get to that decision?

After sparks flew on our first date, Maddy and I were laying our cards on the table — I still lived with my ex and Maddy wanted to be a mom someday soon. She told me she was actively searching for a donor, and I mentioned how I have two kids, she can have one – just kidding! But I mentioned how cool it would be if Chris, my ex, was the donor and our kids would be related. After also questioning, “would that be weird?” Yes, it’s non-traditional, but we loved the idea and after six months we asked him if maybe he would love that idea, too.

Clearly, your motherhood journey isn’t exactly the same as most moms, but your content is incredibly relatable. What is one thing that you think most moms don’t realize right away about motherhood?

I am also guilty of what I’m about to say…I thought motherhood was going to be easier and that I could do it better than every mom I saw letting their kids use an iPad in a restaurant – ha! I think FOM resonates with people so well because it’s authentic. I truly am struggling like most moms do, maybe different nuances, but same drama – different font.

How has being 100 percent yourself, in your real life, and writing about it online and in your book, helped you be a better mother?

Identifying and naming emotions is one of the best ways to process them. From mommy burnout to sexual identity – it’s all about getting to know yourself better. When you ask yourself, “What do I need? What do I want? What am I struggling with at this moment and how can I make it better?” not only gives me material to write about (daily) but ultimately helps me feel more fulfilled in life. This of course changes how you show up as a mother. As they always say, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

 What would you tell your younger self?

That finding and being your authentic self is not a burden. That it is never too late. That whoever thinks you’re too much can simply go find less. That the love your heart craves is out here waiting for you.

Anything else you’d like to share?

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