Meet a Mom: Julie and Christine, GLAMoms - Greater Lansing Area Moms

Mid-January marked ONE year since GLAMom’s went live!   

Lots of time goes into a venture like this and it is ever-evolving.  Trends and algorithms and insights and so much data – yet it boils down to providing you with quality stuff – and when we say “stuff” we mean useful information, engaging content, always changing things to do while spotlighting all things local.  

Some things we share are completely and 100% familiar to us and some things are new, never explored ideas.  

On more than one occasion we have said – I wish this would have existed when our kids were much younger! The Local Moms Network formed in 2017 in Greenwich, CT and now there are more than 100 sites nationwide! 

While GLAMoms did not exist then, it does now and we are learning so much more about our community, the businesses and things to do within our community and most importantly – we are learning more and more about ourselves.

We thought today would be a great time to reintroduce ourselves. This week, GLAMoms’ Meet a Mom feature is US – Julie and Christine, co-founders, co-curators, the moms —  and most importantly, the 2 friends behind Greater Lansing Area Moms.

Christine & Julie, September 2021

A little more about us –

Julie – Hey there! I am a wife, mom to a 13 yr old son and 11 year old daughter (yes lots of hormones in this house!), sister, daughter, aunt, friend and a huge Spartan fan (Go Green!). I have grown up and still love living in the Greater Lansing area.  

Christine – Hi!  I am a wife and mom to 12 and 6 year olds!  I too was born and raised in the Greater Lansing area – living now less than 10 miles from where I grew up

We are super excited that you follow along with us, yes we are still learning, but we love sharing our experiences and hopefully making life just a little easier for you. We love to put resources for Greater Lansing families all in ONE spot.

What is something you would like to tell your 25 year-old self?

J – Travel more!!! Take the trips and explore before you have a family. Yes, traveling happens after kids, it’s just a bit more tricky!

C – Girl – STOP thinking.  Just do.  There are things I may have done differently but had I taken a different route – I would not be where I sit today.  

Where did you meet your husband?

J – At Brookshire Inn in Williamston, I was a senior in college and grumpy because I was not on a trip for Spring Break. He happened to be bartending, we started chatting, he bought me a drink and the rest is history!

C – St. Lawrence.  He was working at the Lansing Police Department, he had stopped to meet a friend and I went to check him out for her.  I found out later he was asking around for my number.  The following week we went out for lunch and exactly 2 years later – married! 

Do you have a secret fear that you hide from your kids?

J – I am not good at hiding fears, but I always tell my kids that I wouldn’t suggest something I didn’t think was a good idea. Try it once and then decide – like a new sport, food or adventure. 

C – Not really, I really try to not let fear take up space – but one thing I have not been able to keep out is – and you may laugh – inland lake water after dark!  

What is something you are looking forward to this summer?

J – Sunshine, the lake and being a little less scheduled. I have grown up spending most of the summer in Northern Michigan and love passing on these memories to my kids. 

C – Less of everything that will bring on so much more – memories and fun and all things summer! 

Summer 2021, Northern Michigan

Fall 2021, MSU Homecoming Parade

If you were stranded with your kids, what are the three things you hope you’d have on hand – other than food and drink?

J – Can I phone a friend? 🙂 phone, candy and positive attitude!

C – A deck of cards, a Sharpie and bubble gum.  

Are you both on the same schedule?

J – I like to get to work as soon as the kids are on the bus. My brain does not work well late nights like Christine. 

C – Oh my gosh no – sometimes like ships passing in the night.  I worked both second and third shift over the course of many years and oftentimes get the most work done when everyone else is sleeping!  

If you were offered a trip to anywhere in the world and you had to leave today, where would you go?

J – Europe!

C – It has been quite a while since we have had any sort of travel outside of Michigan.  If I was offered a non-stop ticket – I think I would go just about anywhere warm on the beach.

One thing not many people know about you?

J – I have a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics from MSU but struggle with body image and my weight. A work in progress and always learning!

C – I have been undergoing therapy for over a year.  After I admitted to myself I needed help, I found help.  And while it is a work in progress, I feel I am becoming a better version of myself for my family, friends, especially myself.  

If you had a mom tagline or quote or motto, what would it be?

J – Always have snacks!

C – I did the best I could with what I knew at the time.  

Up North Fun

Summer 2021

What would like the Greater Lansing Area Moms audience to know about your local small business? 

We will answer this one together!!!  

We are not a non-profit organization. We are a Greater Lansing area based small business and we make (or create) most of what you see.   

We are part of a large group – a brand – The Local Moms NetworkWe are one of 2 sites in the Mitten (Hi there Bloomfield-Birmingham) and 1 of over 100 sites nationwide!  

We have learned a TON from this group of moms all over the United States and the past year — this network has been a mental health saving grace.  

We put a lot of time into building this platform in the Greater Lansing area and we LOVE supporting small, local businesses.

We joke that we have played matchmaker the past year, well, lots of times.  Some day, we are going to sit down and draw it out.  The Meet a Mom features alone…. Hooking up the moms!  

Since we share so much local content, information and community resources and we know people and none of this would be possible without the support of our local sponsors and advertisers.  

We are not influencers.  We are not bloggers.  At times we will share when we are out and about what we are doing  — we do this so you can get to know us better! Also we love showing little snapshots of our favorites.  We like to share things we like from #momhints, things we like as parents, partners and friends.  We like to share – particularly sharing what we love!  

If you like us – like social media content – not to boost our egos but rather so our helpful and relevant posts continue to show up in your social media feed.  It is all about the algorithms – whatever that means 🙂

Lastly – we have a website LOADED with so much more that you will find on social media!   Bookmark it, come back often!  

Cheers to 2022 – year 2 – of Greater Lansing Area Moms!

To learn more or to read our Meet a Mom features from 2021 – visit the links here – Julie and Christine


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