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This week’s Meet a Mom is Jess Farhat, an area Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with years of practicing medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology.  Her passion has led her to specialize in medical aesthetics.

The timing of this Meet a Mom coincides with the Grand Opening of NECTAR body•face•skin on June 1st – a new, modern medial aesthetics practice in DeWitt.

NECTAR body•face•skin as explained by Jess, “…is very simple. NECTAR to me signifies the most natural concentration of vital sweetness—that is life and energy giving. NECTAR revitalizes. It is literally nature’s sweetness. My philosophy in aesthetics is that a natural, vibrant, healthy look is most beautiful. When we feel refreshed, when we feel revitalized and energized, when we are full of all of nature’s sweetness, we radiate beauty. NECTAR is the space our talents intertwine with clients goals and we create all of this to achieve the best versions of our clients.”

We had been following Jess on social media for some time and met as a result of Walter Crockett of Mind Body Symmetry – Christine’s son was in a class with Jess’ son and Walter tagged both while working out at a Youth Fight Fit class earlier this spring.  Since, the boys have continued with classes and have bonded over No-bake Cookie Smoothies at Conquest Fitness.

Welcome to ELAMom’s Jess!

Please introduce yourself, where are you from, where do you live now?
Hi! I’m Jess Farhat. I grew up in the Greater Lansing Area and currently live in DeWitt with my family and our two dogs. 

How many kids do you have and what are their ages? What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
We have two kids.  Our daughter Olivia is 15 and our son Sean just turned 12.  My favorite thing about being a  mom is watching our kids grow up to be their own independent person and to see our influence over them through their choices and interactions with others.

What do you love about living in the Greater Lansing area? What’s your favorite restaurant? Place to shop locally?
My favorite thing about living in the GLA is that we have a nice selection of diversified cuisine.  It’s really hard to choose my favorite restaurant; overall I’d have to say Bangkok House and if I’m feeling like a great bowl of pho, then Nola Bistro and a perfect barbacoa taco–then Pablos in Old Town.  It’s a toss up!

Tell us a little more about NECTAR?  
NECTAR body•face•skin, a sanctuary for your skin that goes beyond basic beauty.  We are a luxurious modern aesthetics practice where achieving great skin and a fresh, curated look is simple.  Your best look is our priority and passion.  

Our goal is to create natural radiant results and we do so whether you are looking for anti-aging, acne, hair health solutions, or simply want to have vibrant glowing skin.

Perhaps what is something to start if you have not in your 20s, 30s, 40s – skin care related? 
This is a great question!  If you haven’t started at any age, always start wearing sun protection daily.  In your 20’s you really want to nurture and protect your skin.  Being proactive about antiaging is key.  In our 20’s we start losing collagen and elastin, the two key structural proteins that keep our skin supple and tight.  The best way to protect this is sunscreen.  Additionally, keeping on a daily anti-aging skincare routine that includes a gentle cleanser and includes  an exfoliant into the weekly routine  is key.  Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle is foundational at any age.

Your 30’s is the age that you start to notice significant changes in your skin such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, dryer skin, perhaps new acne, and you may start to see sun damage at this age.  This is the time to add a nightly retinol.  Retinol is a high concentration of vitamin A that helps skin cells turn over quicker, evens out skin tone,  can correct fine lines and slow the progression of wrinkles.  Regular monthly facials are amazing for your skin.  Think of switching out the daily coffees from Starbucks for the monthly facial.

In our 40s, our skin has lost a significant collagen and the youthful skin tone and texture has faded.  If you haven’t added in a daily vitamin C and retinol by now, well, now is the time.  Regular microneedling treatments with or without prp (platelet rich plasma) is a game changer for treating skin laxity and evening our skin tone.  

What’s your favorite treatment to perform?  What is one skincare myth you can easily debunk?
My favorite treatment to perform is Botox.  After all, we have this wonderful tool to correct things that most of us do not care to have on ourselves, wrinkles!  Botox is a quick, easy and painless way to literally shed years, if not decades, off your appearance.  

Since we are on the topic of botox already, I’ll stick with it and debunk the myth that it makes you look frozen.  When injected correctly, it makes you look rejuvenated and youthful, not frozen.

Who is the most interesting person you have met since you started working in medical aesthetics?
The most interesting person I’ve met since I started working in medical aesthetics is Dr. Zein Obagi.  In my eyes he is the founding father of modern day dermatology and skincare.  He is the man behind ZO Skin Health.  

I had the honor and privilege to hang out in California with him and study from him in 2020 just before the Covid Pandemic shut down.  His approach to skin health is not simply to treat a diagnosis, but to restore function within a dysfunctional skin barrier.  

Whew, you are busy.  How do you juggle work with being a mom?
Being a mom is both rewarding and challenging, I know, a little cliche.  But truly, it’s the most important role I’ve ever been in.  

Meeting the demands of “mom” role,  a wife, a dermatology nurse practitioner, a business owner, a friend….can be a challenge.   I juggle this by planning ahead as much as possible – meal prepping being one of the biggest helps.  It’s such a time save.  We use a family e-planner that puts everything on one calendar so I know who, what, when each day.  No matter how much we try to fit into our day, eating dinner together as a family is something we don’t miss.

Would you share a sunscreen tip – what SPF should we be using and how often do we reapply?  What is your favorite? 
On a daily basis, we should be wearing spf 30…and no, spf in your makeup does not count.  Make spf the last step of your daily morning skincare routine.  Reapplication should be every two hours if you are outside.  The UV breaks down sunscreen, thus the reason for reapplication. Not only is the value and frequency important, the proper application amount is key.  For an average healthy weight adult, a full body application would be about an ounce…or a shot glass full, or a golf ball–whichever helps you visualize.  So a family of five spending the day at the beach will be going through a full bottle of sunscreen.  

Also, ZO SkinCare makes a powdered sunscreen that offers coverage and is in a brush dispenser, making this amazing for reapplication if you have make-up on.

My favorite sunscreen for kiddos are Coola, Blue Lizard or Badger. I highly recommend sticking to zinc and titanium dioxide, the mineral sunscreens versus the UV absorbing sunscreens. 

Aside from sunscreens, swim shirts and UV protectant clothing are also important. Seeking shade, especially when the UV index is at its highest between the hours of 10am-4pm, is another thing to keep in mind.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?
I am in love with 2021! There have been so many positive changes, my favorite one being the launch of NECTAR body•face•skin.

Some things that I am looking forward to this year are: growing in this space and serving everyone that comes here.

The highlight of 2021 will absolutely be our Grand Opening in June.

We have such an amazing lineup of services that it’s hard to choose a favorite. We have developed a signature facial, the Nectar Bloom Facial, will surpass your expectations, have you blissfully melting into our chair and leave your skin g l o w i n g. This facial is all about the experience and has a sweet surprise finisher. Every person needs to experience this facial just once. So moms, if you really want to be pampered, have your partner treat you to the Nectar Bloom Facial. 

In addition to our traditional facials, we have the only Hydrafacial Elite 2021 in The Greater Lansing Area. Hydrafacial uses technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate. Hydrafacial super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that instantly leave your skin radiant.

There’s so much to be excited for this year. And when I’m not making people feel amazing in their skin, I love spending quality leisurely time with my fam. This summer I’m looking forward to really learning the game of tennis—good enough to hopefully beat my daughter in a match lol.  

Our family enjoys hiking and spending time up north. Getting up to my happy place in Glen Arbor is the frosting on the cake during the summer and fall months. Grand Marias on Lake Superior… so majestic.  Summers in Northern Michigan are times I always look forward to.  

Speaking of summer, what sort of fun things do you like to do in the summertime?
Summertime is amazing in Michigan and our family loves to take advantage of it!  We’ve, in the past five years or so, started to really enjoy camping.  Every summer we take a full week holiday to hike a new stretch in the UP. 

To me, summertime highlights the simple things that I really love, like sitting out on patios over a meal with friends, long walks, Lake Michigan, farmer’s markets and sunsets.

What is something you wish was in the Greater Lansing area?
A large concert venue (Oh my gosh, WE AGREE!!!)

This one is right up your alley – A cannot live without skincare or makeup product(s)?
I cannot live without ZO Skin care. It’s been such a transformative product that has the highest effectiveness across the board than any other skincare line that I’ve ever researched…and I’ve researched hundreds.

A make-up product that is something I use every day is Anastasia Brow Whiz…it’s the best brow pencil I’ve ever used! I stock up on mine from Sephora in Eastwood Town Center.  

Tell us a little about that new puppy of yours. 
I’m not really sure how I let Sean and Olivia talk me into getting a puppy, but I did.  The funny thing is, my husband never pumped the brakes on this one.  Usually whenever I have a big idea, I present it to my husband….kinda like an episode of shark tank and either I get a taker or my idea gets canned.  However, this little frenchie girl, Kona, stole our hearts from the moment we met her.

Last book you read?  If you listen to audiobooks, last one you listened to?
I always have a handful of books going at one time.  On paper I am currently reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill.  On Audible I just finished “The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel and Breath by James Nestor.  Both in which I highly recommend.

We sometimes binge a little TV.  What is your current favorite?
I don’t watch TV.  In fact, I’m not sure if I could even navigate our TV.  I prefer to read or listen to music….or chat with friends.

Strangest thing in your purse right now?
A bag of almonds, a rather large bag.

What is something your parents did that you never thought you would, but now it routinely do?
Do I even want to confess? Lol.  Late night ice cream runs far more than I’d like to admit lol.

Last question.  What is something you might have liked to know but didn’t, with your first child and now is a reflex in your mom toolbox/bag of tricks? 
It wasn’t until our second child that I learned a traveling hack when traveling with kiddos.  Go to the dollar store and get a lot of little goodies, like a candy, or a pencil, box of crayons, coloring book, sucker, a balloon (not blown), etc.  Wrap all of these up and take on a long trip.  Every so often, give one to your child when you catch them doing something good like being patient or engaging with the journey.  This serves as a little reward as well as some distraction when boredom kicks in. 

Connect with Jess by any of the following:

  • Her personal Instagram account @nectar_aethetic_injector
  • NECTAR body•face•skin website to learn more and to schedule an appointment.  You will always receive a confirmation for any services booked.
  • Call or text, 517-306-2510
  • And give her Instagram business page a follow to keep up with special seasonal services, giveaways and upcoming Grand Opening announcements in June – @nectarbodyfaceskin, they would love to connect with you there.

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