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This week’s Meet a Mom is Cat & April from Camo and Neon Boutique – a quaint and trendy clothing shop in the small town of Westphalia.   Both are moms who share a love of fashion and a friendship that has spanned years – since junior high!  It has proved to be the perfect foundation for Camo and Neon Boutique!  

“Going into business together seemed like the perfect next step.”  In 2019 they opened an online business and shortly after took up residence at 112 Main Street. 

GLAMom’s loves lots about this duo – one thing in particular – they both try on and model many items they sell.  By showcasing designs – it serves as a Cat & April seal of approval, or better yet, a personal mom-nod.  And surely this has been helpful during the recent overabundance of online shopping.

Westphalia is about a 15 minute jaunt from DeWitt.  Consider taking this quick road trip and check out Camo and Neon Boutique.  And while you are in Westphalia, Cat & April mentioned a few places you should also visit.

You will find the perfect unique gift right across the street at The Little Flower Market – a landscape supply with great, unique gifts.  Simon’s Flower Shoppe is also an adorable little flower shop right up the street from Camo and Neon Boutique.  Yummy food and tasty drinks at Charlie’s, Diana’s Pizza and Subs or Fabiano’s Pizzeria  

And you bring the kids along, there are 2 great community parks.

Before you leave for your Westphalia visit – read this little back and forth between GLAMom’s, Cat & April.

Welcome to GLAMom’s, Cat & April!!

Please introduce yourself, where are you from, where do you live now?
A – Born and raised in Westphalia, MI.  We have been living in Portland for the last ten years but we just built our forever home in Westphalia.

C – Raised in Pewamo, lived in Fowler for 12 years after I got married, living in Westphalia and finishing up building our new house in Pewamo.How many kids do you have and what are their ages? 
A – I have 3 kids.  Marlee 12, Parker 9 and Carter 7

C – I have 2 kids. Greysen 9 and Addisyn 8

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
A – I have always wanted to be a mom.  Picking my favorite thing about it is hard!  I love just watching them grow, it is amazing to see the little humans they are growing into and knowing that we created that.  

C – The unconditional love I have for them, in my early 20’s I wasn’t always sure I wanted kids but having them was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Also watching the love between them when they don’t think I’m watching.

Best piece of advice for someone with younger children that you wish you would have known when your kids were younger?
A – Time does fly!  And when people told me to enjoy all of it even the days you are literally doing whatever it takes to survive, enjoy it!  You will miss it, all of it you will miss!  Take it all the moments, the good and the bad because they are over before you know it!  

C – Time Flies!! Don’t be afraid to ignore advice, it’s valuable to listen to others’ experiences and perspectives but in the end every kid and family is different and really you have to do what’s best for your situation.

What do you love about living in the Greater Lansing area? What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to shop in the Greater Lansing area? 🙂 They both had similar answers and combined into a single response!
That we are so close to so many things, parks, museums and restaurants. We live in small towns so going to Lansing is just what we’ve always done, brings back memories of going to both malls as teenagers. 🙂 

Oh gosh, picking one place to shop is hard, we love the connections we’ve made with local women so finding their little corners of the world are always fun for us. A couple of our current faves are Bridge + Main Market in Dewitt and Kymora Kandles in St. Johns.

C – My husband and I enjoy the Old Town scene for restaurants, Meat and Zoobies are a couple of our favorites. 

Tell us a little about Camo and Neon Boutique?  
Camo and Neon Boutique is a small boutique in Westphalia, MI.  We carry womens clothes, accessories, and lots of little handmade things by local talented women! We are small town with a big time style. This June will be our 2 anniversary, we initially started as an online only boutique and a few months in our Brick and Mortar fell into our laps. What started out as a kind of joking, kind of serious text has turned our dream into a reality! 

Have you ever worked together in the past?  How great is it working together sharing your love of fashion with other area women? 
A – We have been best friends since the 7th grade, we have never worked together.  It has been a blast working together.  I mean how can it not be, I get to work with my best friend every day doing what we both love to do! 

C – What she said. 🙂 I will add we both compliment each other and the things I’m not great at – April picks up and vice versa. We love to share our love of fashion with other women because we can relate to them, we are mom’s, we are busy, we wanted to be a place where women could go or shop from with ease. Let us make it easy for you!

What is the best thing about owning and operating a clothing boutique? Do you have a favorite style of clothing? 
A – The best thing for me is getting to connect with so many women and to bring them clothes to make them feel beautiful!  I know there are a lot of women out there who do not enjoy the process of shopping so I love being able to make that a little easier for them!  A favorite style of clothing is a hard one for me because I love so many styles.  I would say for me being able to be comfortable and stylish at the same time is my favorite.  A basic tee with a fun back or pattern to make it a little more than basic.  I am mostly a jeans and fun top type of girl. My favorite brand to work with isn’t really a brand but it is all the other small boss lady businesses we get to work with!  

C – The connections we get to make with other women and of course shopping all day. 🙂 But seriously, seeing someone grab a piece and watching their whole face light up or their confidence shine through and for them to keep coming back because they feel so comfortable with us. I’m more laid back and casual, distressed jeans and a basic but fun top are my jam. As you can see we have similar styles but she’ll always be more dressed up than I am. 🙂 

How do you juggle work with being a mom?  
A – I don’t feel like I always do the best at juggling the two but I would say I am extremely thankful for my supportive husband and kids.  Also my partner Cat, we do a great job of covering each other when mom business comes up.

C – We have very supportive husbands (the men behind C & N as we call them) and truly the best kids who support and love us no matter what. We also have each other, we are good about working with each others schedules and just being there for each other when the other is burned out 

How did your job change during COVID-19?
Covid really taught us how to pivot our way of doing things and to be creative.  We had to really focus on our online side of things and we were forced to become a lot more “techy.”  Overall it made us better, we came out of it stronger.   

Some fun ones – Can’t live without skincare or makeup products?
A – Mascara for sure!  I love the Tula line for skincare, that’s really all I use.

C – Tula skin care and Younique 4D mascara. Not going into my full time job for the last 1.5 years has really cut down on my make-up use. 

Last book you read?
A – Oh gosh I don’t even remember.  Does learning to read books with my son count?

C – Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah. 

Current binge shows?
A –  I like TV so there are a lot of those.  I think Bridgerton was the last binge I had

C – I have a guilty pleasure for reality TV, I just finished binge watching all the Love Islands. 

Strangest thing in your purse right now?
A – Chick-Fil-A sauce packets

C – Zaca recovery chewable, guess I thought I was gonna need that for after the last time I drank.

What do you do to enjoy you (me) time?
C – Enjoys getting my nails done or just laying in bed at the end of the day not being bothered 🙂

A – I enjoy shopping or relaxing with a drink on my deck enjoying these summer nights.

Favorite candy bar?

A – Take5 Candy Bars

Favorite drink?
C – Coke Zero

A – Root Beer

Both – TRULY!

Coffee or tea?  Where is your favorite?
A – Can’t survive without coffee

C – Neither

Best piece of advice to someone starting out in your type of business?
It is not easy but if you put in the work it is amazing seeing the results. Don’t give up even on those really hard days. 

Last couple… Mind sharing a mom trick another mom will be happy to learn? 
A – My son was in kindergarten this last year so we had to do a lot of sight words.  He was not a huge fan of doing them but he loved Nerf guns.  So we set them all up around the house and he had to read the word and then he could shoot them.  Worked like a charm!  

April – this is pretty much… genius 🙂 

If you were able, knowing what you know, what is something you would tell your new mom self?

Enjoy every moment because they go fast!  Also don’t freak out about everything, you got this! 

THANK YOU Cat & Aprilt!  We are looking forward to our visit!

You can find Cat & April:

Instagram @camoandneonboutique
Facebook @camoandneonboutique

And just for Greater Lansing Area Moms – a discount, YAY!  Use GLAMoms at checkout for 10% off

Camo and Neon Boutique is located at 112 Main Street, Westphalia


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