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Meet a Mom Monday! And this week the Meet a Mom is brought to you by Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists!  ORS is sharing their very own, Becca Boeving!  Becca is a Physical Therapist Assistant and ORS Holt location at 2040 N. Aurelius Road. 

Becca will soon be adding a little girl to her family and we are thrilled she took a moment to chat with GLAMoms prior to a busy newborn-summer!   Learn more about Becca, her adorable almost 2-year-old son and how having female providers at ORS in vital is providing connections between therapists and patients/athletes.  Additionally, Becca is passionate about Pelvic Floor education and therapy. And she shares information about Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists new Gateway Lofts location near Frandor. 

Hi Becca!  Please introduce yourself to Greater Lansing Area Moms!

Changed schools throughout elementary years but ended up graduating from Mason High School. Attended Lansing Community College and transferred to MSU in which I received my Bachelors in Athletic Training. Worked at Holt High School through ORS as the Athletic Trainer while I attended school at Kent State University to receive my associates in PTA and begin working in our clinics.

How old are your children? 

Son (Cal) is 2 in August and his little sister will join us at the end of June/early July.

What do you think is one of the best parts about being a mom? 

Watching your child learn and grow and develop relationships with loved ones. 

What is something that you have learned about yourself since your son was born?

Patience, and strength. Mom’s really can do it all even when we think we have nothing left to give. 

Joelle Harre Photography

Please tell us more about working at ORS?

I’ve worked for ORS for 6 years. I started as the Athletic Trainer at Holt High School and was immediately welcomed into the community. I transitioned into our clinic in August of 2019 and enjoy the variety of patients we are able to work with. 

I have recently developed a passion for helping women and have begun treating and educating patients on pelvic floor therapy. ORS is always encouraging and willing to allow us to grow and learn to bring new treatments to our patients and better serve our communities. 

Tell us about the ORS Gateway Lofts location and what sort of physical therapy and other services that will be available?

The Gateway Lofts location will offer similar services as our other ORS clinics, including some more unique treatment options that include graston, dry needling, and cupping. Its central location will be convenient for students, commuters and locals alike. 

The clinic will offer treatment of all types of orthopedic conditions but the facility manager, Paige, also has specific experience and training in treating dancers, gymnasts and pediatric orthopedics.  Dance, cheer and gymnastics are unique sports that many do not have knowledge of what it takes to be an athlete in these sports. 

Having female providers who have worked within that population and/or were athletes in these sports themselves makes a difference in the care we are able to provide and connect with the patients/athletes on another level.

 Why is physical therapy so important for this type of activity (dance, cheer, gymnastics)?

Paige Ellsworth, ORS Gateway Lofts Facility Manger is going to help with this one….

“Physical therapy can be essential for all athletes, but specifically for those that participate in dance, cheer and gymnastics for a few reasons. In those sports, the athletes are constantly learning new skills and asking their bodies to perform at a high level that requires significant muscular control and flexibility which can lead to injury if not appropriately trained or become too repetitive for the person to handle. 

Especially for young athletes that are growing and their bodies are changing, this can be a challenging task to manage and PT can help bridge the gap to manage any overuse injuries that occur and identify strength and flexibility deficits even before injury occurs. I’ve also noticed in my time working with these sports that they are often not associated with an athletic trainer due to being club based and not always school based, so they don’t have as frequent contact with someone to work with or the education of where to go-which is what I want to fix!”

Thanks Paige ☺️

How do you balance being a mom and being a Physical Therapist Assistant?

I am lucky that ORS allows me to work 4 days a week so I can have an extra day at home. It truly takes a village with childcare and having co-workers willing to help out when I need to stay home or go home early. 

ORS really puts an emphasis on family and understands the importance of our home life which makes it easier. 

Here are a couple questions to get to know you better 🙂  

What gets you up in the morning?  And how do you take your coffee? 🙂 

My son haha. Iced coffee is the way to my heart.

Any summer plans?

Recently purchased a lake house and will be spending a lot of time at the lake

Last book you read?

Saved by the Boss by Olivia Hayle

If you watch television, what is your favorite show? 

So many good tv shows I get sucked into! Always good to rewatch, Girlmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Suits, Friday Night Lights. Currently watching All American. 

Strangest item in your work bag today? 

I actually don’t carry a bag or a purse.  Just a diaper bag as needed.

Speaking of baby – have you had any cravings while pregnant with your daughter?

Nothing specific this time around but sweets are a must have, pretty much any kind!

The children’s book you most enjoy reading?

Dream Big Little One 

Where are some of your favorite places locally you spend time with your family? 

My son and I frequent My Place Diner in Charlotte several times a week, they have become family. Cal also enjoys Tumblestar Time at Kiki’s Gymnastics in Dewitt. 

We just enjoy getting outside and trying new things.

Mind sharing a mom trick another mom will be happy to learn? 

Not sure that I have any mom tricks, I just learn as I go and what works for my son may not work for another child. I will say “Taking Cara Babies” was life changing when it came to getting sleep. Just taking the sleep tips to help us set a foundation for naps and bedtime. It was a lifesaver with our son and he’s a great sleeper.

What are you looking forward to in 2022!

The birth of our daughter, watching our son become a big brother and career changes for my husband. 

Thanks for joining us Becca!  We do hope you have a fantastic summer! We look forward to hearing about your daughter and how your son is loving being a big brother.   

If you would like to learn more about Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists, the new Gateway Lofts location and treatments and programs available locally, visit the links below or call 877-202-2175.



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Joelle Harre Photography and Becca Boeving 

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