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Greater Lansing Area Moms LOVES Mondays!  Why?  Because we get the opportunity to learn more about an area mom and share with you!  And this week, we are thrilled to share Ashley Keimach – mom of 2 boys, wife, Account Executive for a Tech Company and a creator/influencer and a writer.  

She shares some incredibly insightful ideas – especially about being a new mom – the hardest job ever that gives back so much more!  Learn all about his Los Angeles native who now calls East Lansing home.   

Ashley brings so much to the table!  And if you have not watched her TikTok videos or Instagram Reels, you should.  Her content is fun, inspiring and takes us back to our baby days.  And after each video we find ourselves smiling. 😊

Hi Ashley!  Welcome to Greater Lansing Area Moms, please introduce yourself!
My name is Ashley Keimach and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I moved to Lansing, MI 6 years ago with my husband Evan and we now live in East Lansing, MI with our two boys Llewyn and Liam. My husband and I both met in college at California State University San Bernardino and we both also majored in English. 

My husband attended MSU for Law School which is what initially brought us to Michigan but our love for the community we’ve built here is why we stayed. 

When I’m not selling software to businesses, you can catch me making TikTok videos, working out, or spending time with friends and family.

How old are your children? 
I have two beautiful boys that I am blessed to call my children. My oldest son is Llewyn (pronounced Lu-win), he is two years old and loves all things related to dinosaurs. My youngest son is Liam, he is only three months old and is already stealing our hearts.

What do you think is one of the best parts about being a mom? 
The best part about being a mom for me is the fact that I get to experience the grandeur of life again. When you become an adult, the world inadvertently becomes less interesting. You notice things less and you find yourself going through your days without really experiencing the world around you. At least this is how it was for me. With the pressures of work and the many other responsibilities that come with adulthood, I found myself going through the motions. Life became a constant cycle of looking toward the future for something more while simultaneously being exhausted at the thought of actually taking on more. 

Once I became a mom it was like someone dialed up the brightness setting on my view of the world. The demands of parenthood forced me to stop looking towards the future and focus on getting through the day. I welcomed the ability to be present, even if it was at the expense of giving every ounce of my being. Raising my children has been one of the best experiences of my life thus far. I notice the little things again, like the beautiful color of flowers, the smell of freshly fallen snow, and the way a warm embrace feels at the end of a long day. 

Parenting is hard. It requires so much of you and it can truly be the most demanding and exhausting job you’ll ever take on. But it is oh so sweet and it gives back more than you could ever imagine. 

What is a piece of advice for new moms you wish you would have known when you were a new mom? 
I wish someone would have told me that giving birth to a child almost always results in the rebirth of yourself. Since becoming a mom I have evolved in so many different ways. Though I am the same person at my core, I am much different than I was before becoming a mom. At first it was scary. You go your whole life thinking you have things figured out and then bam, you begin questioning everything. Do I like my career? Is this the state I want to live in forever? Do I even like my hair color? My best advice to all the moms out there going through a similar phase of life is to lean into it. 

You will change, but it doesn’t have to be for the worse. Use this season of life as an invitation to reinvent yourself. We as women often marvel at the ability we have to partake in the creation of life that we forget we can use that same power to recreate our own life. 

Please tell us more about your career!
By day I work as an Account Executive for a Tech Company that specializes in SaaS (software as a solution). Prior to this job I held various roles in the sales industry. I have always loved sales. I think the two main things that drew me to the Sales Industry are people and questions. Being a good sales professional requires people skills and a keen ability to ask the right questions to get to a yes. I love being able to meet people from all walks of life and finding questions that will help me get to know them better and hopefully find a solution to whichever business problems they are encountering. 

By night I am a content creator/influencer and writer. I have had the pleasure of working with several brands through my TikTok and Instagram platform. When not collaborating with brands, I enjoy sharing my life and discussing Money, Marriage, and Motherhood. I am also an avid writer. I have written multiple think pieces, op-eds, and blogs for various news sites and organizations. I currently have a long-term partnership with Sistas in Sales (SIS) where I write various pieces about working in Sales as a woman in color, and about the intersection between technological advancement and culture. 

How did past jobs prepare you?
All of the jobs I’ve had over the years required interpersonal skills. This has helped prepare me both for my day job and for my side projects. Being able to communicate effectively is critical to being a good sales professional and it is also useful for other creative outlets like being an influencer and content creator. 

Llewyn’s dinosaur inspired 2nd birthday cake was made by Lindsey Griffin, The Emerald Bee

Did you work during COVID?  
Right when the pandemic happened I had my first born son and was on maternity leave. The day before I was supposed to return to work I was laid off from my job as a result of the impact COVID had on the company I worked for. When I was given the news I was stunned, but later that day I realized it was the best possible thing that could happen. It gave me an excuse to do something that does not come naturally to me, take a break! 

When my son was about 8 months old I accepted a job and began working again. 

How did daycare look when your son went after you began working again?
My oldest son attends daycare and my youngest son is at home with my husband and me. COVID has made childcare rather difficult but it has been a huge blessing for us as we do not live near family. There have been times our oldest son Llewyn had to stay home with us due to COVID precautions after exposure. 

That has been difficult as my husband and I both work full-time; however, we have always made it work. It can be stressful at times but I am grateful because I know some parents have it much harder than we do.

What are you looking forward to this summer? 
My sister will be moving to Michigan this July and my mom Mother will be moving here in August! I’m so excited to be near my family again and to finally have extra help with the kids!

How do you balance being a mom of TWO A-DORABLE boys and your work?
I honestly couldn’t do it without my husband. He is incredibly supportive! I once heard a saying that working mothers only have two options when it comes to marriage: marry someone that supports your career or don’t marry at all! This saying has rang true for me. My husband always steps in to help with the kids so that I can do the things I need to do for work. 

I have also learned in the very short time that I have been a parent that work life balance looks different day by day. Some days I have more time to devote to work and some days I don’t and that’s ok. The key is to keep on keeping on.

Here are a couple questions to get to know you better!

What gets you up in the morning – if not a hungry infant? 

And how do you take your coffee? 😊
My husband makes the best drip coffee at home! We use Kirkland grounds and vanilla or hazelnut creamer. When we’re too lazy to brew coffee I usually order a brown sugar shaken espresso from Starbucks. 

Last book you read?
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

If you watch television, what is your favorite show? 
I’m a sucker for the Real Housewives Franchise!

Strangest item carry on, purse, glove box or trunk right now? 
I hate to admit this, but I’m pretty sure I have some dirty diapers stored in my diaper bag that I desperately need to empty out! LOL

The children’s book you most enjoy reading? 
Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees

I find myself begging my son to choose this book for our bedtime reading!

Where are some of your favorite places locally to spend time with your family? 
I love taking my two year old to Impression 5! It’s a crowd favorite in our house!

Mind sharing a mom trick another mom will be happy to learn? 
This might be common knowledge, but for those that do not know, if you bend down and make yourself eye level with your toddler it will almost always help diffuse a tantrum! 

Thank you, Ashley, it has been a pleasure to get to know you better! 

How do you prefer readers to connect with you if they would like more information? 
You can connect via social media!

Instagram: @ashleykeimach
TikTok: @thekeimachs 
LinkedIn: ashleykeimach  

Photo credits:
Anna Sinnaeve family photographs and Ashley sitting here (left).
All other photos provided by Ashely Keimach.


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