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It is cliche and every spring we ask the same question.  How is it possibly the end of the school year already?  

Summer is just a calendar month away and we have some ideas for an end of school teacher treat!  And chances are, your children have an idea in mind and if not, they have learned a few of their teacher’s favorites over the course of the school year. 

GLAMoms has some resident educators – as in siblings, cousins, lots of friends – and we asked…. What would you like for an end of school year treat?  And they answered a variation of this… “nothing!” Or, “if anything, something homemade from the kids.” Or this one, “Summer is our end of school year treat!”And while we know that teacher treats are not a requirement nor are they expected.  Yet at the same time, it is nice to send in some end of school year love and appreciation for the people who have played such a huge role over the past 9 months.  

So we rounded up a list of ideas or inspiration!  

If you have a go to, another idea OR you are a teacher and would like to share some fun ideas for our teacher summer send off, please email us [email protected]

A hand written note.  
Not sure there is a better way to communicate your appreciation for all they do in and out of the classroom for our kids.

A homemade gift.
Pinterest has about 4.8 million ideas.  And Etsy has millions more!  

A picture drawn or painted by their student, in a simple frame and ready to hang on their classroom wall.

Sharpie idea – take a look at this Etsy download 

Get a tumbler and fill it full of goodies.
Lip balm, gum, a gift card, hairclip – just about anything that will fit.  If you want help with a tag, HERE are some printables to add to your treat. 

A map.  
Wish them a summer full of adventures and just in case you get lost, here is a map.  Yes, there are apps and Google and electronic ways to find your way home.  A map or atlas is a great way to plan an outing too.  And it never is outside of a service area.

A perennial.
This is particularly popular with the new homeowner teacher.  Flowers and outdoor decorations are expensive.  A perennial is a great idea and hopefully returns for years to come. 

A gift card.
Your kids and their students will know best.  And maybe a place they will not automatically go and make a classroom purchase.    Need more than one gift card or short on time, another idea is below.  

A bag or a couple bags of an area favorite.  If your teacher is a coffee drinker, and perhaps if they are not, they have a collection of coffee mugs.  And while coffee mugs are funny, witty and also sentimental, something to put into the mugs they have at home will be enjoyed!

Suncare supplies.
Teachers work hard all year for their summer vacation.  Think it is safe to say, they live for summer and with that idea in mind…. A basket full of sunscreen

A portable phone charger.
And no secret, we are fans of Casely!  

East Lansing Aquatic Center 
This is particularly popular if your teacher has children.  A day at the pool is a perfect way to spend summer vacation days!  East Lansing Aquatic Center Season Pass $95 and 
10 visit pass $90

Short on time or have many teachers to thank? You can have an Amazon gift card with a personalized message emailed right to their inbox! Voila you’re done and teachers can have fun shopping on their summer break.

Personalized note cards and USPS Forever stamps.
Teachers write notes and bet they will send off some thank you notes before the full week of summer.

Group gifts
At times there are a handful of parents who organize a group gift and make it simple for everyone.   
A printable personalized with teacher name, year and students. 
Downloaded and printed locally, then placed in a frame and presented from the class.   
Here are a few examples on ETSY. 

And last but certainly not least…. A hug. 

They are permitted again and we have heard they have missed the hugs.   We just ask first now!

Less than 10 days left of the school year.  Enjoy it.  Take photos and then SUMMER!

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