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Elf on the Shelf – some families love the idea, some are not fans.  Both Julie and Christine have had this holiday tradition for quite a few years and plan to continue.  

We do have two rules here – kids DO NOT touch the Elf.  So, sometimes when he shows up, he restricts the use of some objects (ie. remote control).   AND, if your Elf makes a mess, you help clean up.

The kids love it yet….  we cannot tell you how many times we have hit REM sleep not only to be abruptly startled to high alert with the thought – “@@@@ the ELF!”

Well, no longer will we be held hostage to this little 4oz bundle of holiday fun.  We have run across a few Elf ideas over the years and hopefully a few are new to you.

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Been sick?  Someone had COVID?  RSV?  Strep throat?  Well, the elf must quarantine.  As in, sit in time out.  No North Pole Norovirus here.   A small band aid across the face acting as a mask and place him (or her) in some sort of jar, or somewhere up and away – 5 days of quarantine to curb the possibility of the Elf introducing any new germs.  Days 1 – 5 are done from 6 feet.

Elf slept like a baby with his head propped up with a diaper and he found a missing pacifier.  

Let’s mess with Mom and prevent morning coffee until he is spotted.

The FLOOR IS LAVA – seems he used a few bows to boost himself up off the floor.  

Tree up but not decorated?  He sometimes hangs out in the tree waiting and watching.

Time to decorate the tree?  Well this little mischievous holiday nuisance seems to love to get tangled up in a string of lights.  

Gone fishing?  Thankfully the Elf picked a bathroom that is not often used in the middle of the night.

In sticking with the same theme, wrapped it.  Also grateful for the toilet he used for the prank.

Found him waiting in the refrigerator door last year – snacking on syrup.  

A “be nice” reminder – Incredible Hulk fists add to the “power” of the message. 

Let’s get ready to decorate some cookies!  Elf snow angels.  Flour, sugar, sprinkles, beads… ELF GONE WILD.  Sometimes he leaves a note.  Here is he saying goodbye for the year.

The other toys have had it.  They seemed to have taped the Elf to the wall!

Got juice?  Just hanging out here waiting to pack some lunches in the morning.

Let’s go toilet papering!

Waiting in the morning with a new hat.  Here, some new Michigan State swag.

Just hanging out in an empty coffee cup.  

Spent the night in the drawer, waiting for the first to join him for breakfast.  

We make a few ornaments each year.  One morning, the ornaments are sitting on the table with the Elf, ready to be decorated.

Here, working on that week’s spelling words!  Elf loves hanging out in the Barbie Jeep, Dream Car or any other means of transportation made for similarly sized toys.

One night, we discovered the Elf hanging out with some friends reading a new book.

Last year, the Elf sat up all night long trying bracelets.  Doubtful we will find this craft in the morning again.

Also last year, the Elf was found on the couch reading, “You are a Badass,” not only did the kids (who could read) find this amusing, it was nice to see the Elf do some work on self-doubting himself. 

Letter boards*.   Never ending possibilities.  And the Elf always seems to scatter a few letters around to make it look like he, or she, really had to work.  And again, the Elf visits the kids, the kids need to help pick up the mess. *one school mascot is the Bee, he had a play on words!

Our Elf is a game player.  On more than one occasion he has been found battling it out with other toys – think Toy Story and FREEZE when Andy shows up.  Battleship, checkers, Connect Four, UNO – you name it, this Elf is all in.  Here is is sharing a LEGO Advent Calendar with some believers.  

Want to make a book fort?  Heck yes!

You do you… If it is not fun for you and your family, pass on the Elf on the Shelf!  If it is fun or you have older kiddos to help, share some of your ideas here – [email protected] –  we are always in search new ideas for this seasonal mischief maker.

Here are some more ideas from 2022 below:

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