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GLAMoms recently spoke with Mariah Martinez, Community Engagement & Inclusion Specialist from the Potter Park Zoo.  Mariah said the zoo staff asked if it was possible for Doppsee the black rhino to be featured – heck yes!

Learn more about Doppsee the black rhino.  The Potter Park Zoo staff answered a few more than we could fit on the social media image – so we are sharing all the information here!  

Read all about the decisions Doppsee makes daily.  
Welcome Doppsee 🙂 

Steak or Salad?  Salad.  I am an herbivore (vegetarian) so I never eat meat.

Watermelon or Apples? Watermelon.  The juicer the fruit the better.

Carrots or Alfalfa cubes?  Hmm, that is a toss-up.  I love them both.

Winter or summer? Summer.  I like when it is 50 degrees or warmer.

Mud or no mud? Mud!!! I love to dig holes in the ground and make mud to roll in.  Coating my skin with mud protects from the sun and insect bites.

Long horn or short horn? I keep my horn pretty long, but I do like to file it down especially when it is wet.

Solitary or groups? I like to live by myself with my son. 

People or no people? Every time people are around, I get a snack. So definitely, people.  I also really enjoy when my keepers give me a back rub.

Messy or neat? Well I love mud so it can get messy, but I always clean up all my food!

Sunscreen or no sunscreen? Protecting my skin is important, so mud is my sunscreen of choice all day, every day!

Browser or grazer? Browser.  I use my handy prehensile lip to pull down branches and leaves to eat.  My comrades, the white rhinos, prefer to graze on grass with their large flat lips.

One or two horns? Two horns of course because I am black rhino.  Greater one horned rhinos (Indian) and Javan rhinos only have one horn.

Noise or no noise? I can hear really well so loud noises can scare me.  I am relatively quiet, but may sniff and snort when something bothers me. 

Day or night? I prefer to be up all day and sleep at night, but Jaali (my son) sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Fast or slow? I can run up to 35 mph if I need to, but really I just like to mosey around most of the time.

Nearsighted or farsighted?  Definitely nearsighted, but even things close up can be hard for me to see.  I rely on my sense of smell to “see” what is going on around me.

Endangered or not endangered? Critically endangered! There are only about 5,500 black rhinos left in Africa.  We need your help to protect us in the wild!

A special thank you so much to the staff at Potter Park Zoo who provided so much information about Doppsee the black rhino.

Would you like to see Doppsee and Jaali?  They are often out wandering around their area at the zoo.  Potter Park Zoo is located in Lansing and has daily hours of operation.

For more information about Potter Park Zoo visit their website.

We recently learned Jaali will be leaving the Potter Park Zoo and relocating to his new home in California!  Since he was born in 2019 – he has been a Potter Park Zoo icon!

Potter Park Zoo is hosting a going-away party this weekend – October 2-3 from 10am – 4pm.  Stop by and wave goodbye and give his mom, Doppsee a little love too!

Photo credits: Potter Park Zoo

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